Fwd from GLW: May Day in Toowoomba

Alan Bradley alanb at SPAMelf.brisnet.org.au
Sun May 7 08:35:10 MDT 2000

I threatened last week to forward the Green Left article on May Day in my
little town.  Here it is.  I suspect it has been abridged pretty furiously,
since it was stuck in a little 'Action Update' column.  The actual day was
at least a little more interesting.
>From the current issue of Green Left Weekly (http://www.greenleft.org.au)

May Day in Toowoomba

TOOWOOMBA -- Despite the cold and rainy weather, 200 people and 14 unions
came out for May Day here, marching against job cuts to Telstra and for
workers' rights.

At the Toowoomba Town Hall, marchers raised a Eureka flag to commemorate
the struggle by workers at Barcaldine to protect their jobs, one of the
first major labour actions in Australia, and heard a selection of poems
from trade union militant Pat Menz.

Ian McLean, the state secretary of the Communications, Electrical and
Plumbing Union, which covers Telstra workers, spoke against the further
privatisation of the telecommunications giant but was challenged by the
audience when he claimed that the only way to save Telstra was to vote
Labor back into government. One worker reminded him of Labor's sell-off of

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