white Zimbos to follow Rhodesian Model?

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at SPAMinea.com.ar
Sun May 7 10:25:38 MDT 2000

En relación a Re: white Zimbos to follow Rhodesian Model?,
el 6 May 00, a las 19:28, Patrick Bond dijo:

> > From:          "Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky" <gorojovsky at inea.com.ar> I
> > should have thought it twice before I sent my posting.
> That's what I'm going to say after adding this information, but it's
> of general interest, perhaps. It comes from the white liberal/neolib
> faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (the key opposition
> party now scaring Mugabe into vicious intimidation tactics, a party
> led by the ex-trade unionist, self-described "social democrat" Morgan
> Tsvangirai, but strongly influenced by white business at this early
> stage in its development)

I want to publicly thank Patrick for his INTELLECTUAL AND POLITICAL
HONESTY in delivering this document to general consideration on the
list. I will NOT, under ANY circumstance, give an opinion on current
Zimbabwean politics, since I do not know too much on the turbulent
history of the country. I have some general ideas, on the particular
"attachment" that arch-son-of-a-b**** Cecil Rhodes had for the
Southern section of the land named after him, and I have some idea on
who Ian Smith was. Not much more than that.

Thus armed, it would be quite outrageous if I attempted to deliver a
complex analysis of what is happening there. I can only, at most,
content myself with a general theoretic point. And this point has
been already stated by my friend Julio FB. We Argentinians have
already endured not one, but two (and even three, if Yrigoyen is
included) political and politico-military overthrows of decaying but
unmistakably national governments. On all the three, the general
structure of speech and ideas that were exposed by the anti-national
bloc were amazingly similar to the ones exposed on the pamphlet
Patrick has sent to the list.

I do warmly understand Patrick's feelings, by the way, having as I
have friends and family in Israel. But if I were asked to give a
general opinion on what is currently happening in Zimbabwe, I would
say that IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING the bloc that opposes Mugabe is still
to the right than Mugabe himself. I would probably offer critical
support to Mugabe. But all of this I say with the highest care and
respect for Patrick's opinions, certainly, that is ina MOST

A hug to all,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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