white Zimbos to follow Rhodesian Model?

Julio Pino jpino at SPAMkent.edu
Sun May 7 11:25:34 MDT 2000

    What we witness in Zimbabwe today is the same dilemma faced by the left
vis-a-vis Milosevic or Saddam Hussein or the clerics in Iran, viz. what to
do when a political leader we loath is opposed momentarily by the right.
Mugabe is no more a revolutionary than Arap Moi, Mbeki or any other African
nationalist.In practice "critical support" to Mugabe means encouraging the
expropriation of all white farms, which I certainly favor.But the left in
Zimbabwe can only profit from this move if it explains to the working class
and farmers that it is but a FIRST step in settling accounts with the
entire capitalist class, black and white, that inherited the country when
the British departed.A re-reading of Amilcar Cabral, and his warnings on
the formation of a black neocolonial bourgoisie, is most appropriate in
following events in Zimbabe right now.
Julio Cesar
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