Re(2): Ken Livingstone Shows His True Colours

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Sun May 7 14:28:48 MDT 2000

According to the figures published in Saturdays Guardian, the results for
the "Left" were ...

LSA 27,073 (1.63%)
SLP 13,690 (0.82%)
CPB  7,489 (0.45%)

For the far-right, the results were ...

British National Party  47,670 (2.87%)
UK Independence Party  34,054 (2.05%)

plus the BNP scored 33,569 (1.96%) and UKIP 16,324 (0.95%) in the Mayoral

The BNP scored very highly in several council seats accross England. I will
post these results seperately

Living in Scotland I am very familiar with the SSP. Your comment that
"Militant are unhappy with Sheridan and co", does not make sense since
Sheridan is the leader of Scottish Militant Labour (now calling itself the
International Socialist faction of the SSP) as well as the SSP.
 As for "Scargill being unable to rise above sectarianism and build anything
bigger than a cult", well, the SLP may not be huge, but it is still the
second largest Party on the British Left, with only the SWP having more
members. This is hardly something to crow about I admit, since the BritLeft
is so weak that with around 800 it is second place. The SP (Militant) would
be lucky to pull 150 these days, and the CPB about the same. After that you
are talking in scores or less for the rest of the trot cults.
 So, without the SWP with a few thousand members, the LSA was and would be
nothing, just as without SML the SSP would dissappear also.

James Tait

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> The LAS got 2.9%
> SLP got 1%
> Tatchell got 1%
> Together this represents the possibility of a Party to the Left of Labour.
> As regards Livingstone, Yes He is an opportunist, but only the far left
> knows this. The majority of socialists think he represents  an alternative
> to Blairism.
> The LAS represents the only way at the moment, the failure of Scargill to
> rise above sectarianism and build anything bigger than a cult around
> himself leaves the Socialist Alliances as the only show in town
> The Scottish Socialist Party is independent of Militant as those familar
> with it would know. Tha reality is that Militant are unhappy with Sheridan
> and co.
> A great pity that Paul Foot did not win a seat.Hopefully the SWP will
> drasw a non sectarian lesson and continue to do this sort of alliance.
> Hopefully the Socialist Party will do likewise.
> Jim Monaghan
> 1

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