Fw: DEBATE: Mandela expresses anger at Mugabe

Russell Grinker grinker at SPAMmweb.co.za
Mon May 8 04:18:00 MDT 2000

>Mandela expresses anger at Mugabe
>Panafrican News Agency, 7. May 2000
>Cape Town - Former President Nelson Mandela has slammed Zimbabwean
>Robert Mugabe, labelling him a tyrant who has held on to power for too
>Mandela, who launched the global partnership for Children of the United
>Nation's Children Fund with his wife Graca Machel in Johannesburg on
>Saturday, said some African leaders had liberated their countries, but had
>then overstayed their welcome.
>"They want to die in power because they have committed crimes. The tyrant
>the day can be destroyed by you and I, he said.
>He said leaders like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Pompeii, and Adolf
>Hitler had also been brought down by the ordinary masses.
>Asked by reporters whether he was specifically referring to Mugabe, Mandela
>snapped back: "Everybody here knows who I am talking about".
>Mandela, who has been outspoken about Mugabe in the past, is strongly
>involved in trying to resolve the armed conflict in Burundi.
>Mugabe, who is facing his biggest crisis since coming to power more than 20
>years ago, has come under enormous criticism from human rights
>and opposition political parties in South Africa.
>President Thabo Mbeki has also been slammed for failing to rebuke Mugabe
>over the crisis of human and political rights in Zimbabwe, which has
>impacted on South Africa's economic stability.
>Mbeki said his government is still working to resolve the land issue in
>Zimbabwe without using bullying tactics to influence Mugabe.
>"We must do this without arrogance, without seeking to impose ourselves on
>anybody and without the intoxication of the delusion of the exercise of
>power we neither have nor desire.
>"We must do what we have to, with the courage, the tenacity, the humanity
>and the humility which belong to those who genuinely believe that they are
>their brother's and their sister's keeper," he said in an address on
>Thursday night.

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