white Zimbos to follow Rhodesian Model?

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Subject:        Re: white Zimbos to follow Rhodesian Model?

>I want to publicly thank Patrick for his INTELLECTUAL AND POLITICAL
>HONESTY in delivering this document to general consideration on the
>list. I will NOT, under ANY circumstance, give an opinion on current
>Zimbabwean politics, since I do not know too much on the turbulent
>history of the country.

Com Gorojovsky

We too here in this Southern African region hold Com Patrick Bond in very
high esteem. And some of us do enjoy to throw pebbles at him from time to
time. However, you need not worry about your qualified support for Mugabe -
Patrick and several others who share his views are not necessarily in the
majority even here in Southern Africa.

I for one do not have illusions concerning the MDC - the grouping currently
leading the  opposition to Mugabe. Neither do I have any illusions what so
ever that Mugabe - ever the scheming politician that he is - is not using
the land and race card to cling on to power.

The trouble, however, is that the MDC, in typical fashion of recent
neoliberal "democratic transitions" in this post Soviet Union era appear to
collect all the forces of imperialism behind them  - in an effort to
"defeat" Mugabe. In the process, local worker/peasant interests are/will be

Over the land issue, I would be very happy to learn that there is just one
white farmer who is putting money into the MDC coffers so that latter, when
the MDC will remove Mugabe she/he will then share their land equitably with
the landless Africans.

Manufacturing a reasonably accurate list of Mugabe's political and economic
sins will not replace the fact that the MDC needs to muster sufficient
internal working class/peasant support, and distance itself from the
ambitions of both local and foreign agents of imperialism, to qualify as
being any different from the movements which have led their countries into
vicious socio-economic crises after the fall of the Soviet Union.

>I do warmly understand Patrick's feelings, by the way, having as I
>have friends and family in Israel. But if I were asked to give a
>general opinion on what is currently happening in Zimbabwe, I would
>say that IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING the bloc that opposes Mugabe is still
>to the right than Mugabe himself. I would probably offer critical
>support to Mugabe. But all of this I say with the highest care and
>respect for Patrick's opinions, certainly, that is ina MOST

The trouble with Mugabe's "being more on the left" is that it is best
understood within the context of the national democratic revolution - the
transition from settler colonialism to neo-colonialism.

It may well be that the question to be asking here is: who best can serve
the interests of imperialism, Mugabe or the MDC?



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