The Week ending 7 May 2000

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon May 8 09:58:35 MDT 2000

Russell Grinker wrote:

> This might interest some people on the list...
> The Week ending 7 May 2000
> When Londoner's snubbed New Labour and elected independent Ken
> Livingstone (below), party officials at Millbank Tower took revenge by
> re-directing funds out of the capital, and out of the new Mayor's hands.
> also...
> On May Day, anarchists and environmentalists fought with police in
> London and Zurich, while Fascists and Anti-Fascists clashed in Hamburg
> and Berlin. The international workers' day was noticeable for the
> absence of workers, as middle class concerns dominated.

I dont know about London and Zurich, but in regard to Hamburg and
Berlin this is utter nonsense: there were no clashes between fasicsts and
anti-fascists, but clashes between police and left-wingers.

It seems you are just echoing the bourgeois press, which only concentrates
on 'clashes'. But actually May Day in Germany was dominated by the Trade
Union demonstrations, there were in all 500,000 participants almost all
working class. You might criticise the uninons for their social-democratic
policies, but the call for jobs is a genuine working class concern.

Likewise it does not make much sense in Germany to lump the 'Autonomen'
together with the Green party. Perhaps twenty years ago you could do so, but
nowadays the Greens have changed completely.


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