Blacks hispanics and Asians

Sol Dollinger soldoll at
Mon May 8 12:15:06 MDT 2000

The 1990 census reveals that the U.S. population had soared to 267 million
people.  Blacks were the largest minority with 33 million, followed by 29
million Hispanics.  The latter group has grown rapidly and is probably the
largest minority in the country.  In Los Angeles the Hispanic children are,
at this moment, a majority in the school system.

One result of the civil rights movement was a decision of the government
recommending to corporate America the advisability of the need to create a
large Black middle class.  In the last three decades this middle class group
has grown considerably.  This does not negate the fact that the Black
proletariat is by far still the largest component of the Black community.

Even with a burgeoning Black middle class,  representative Black
organizations decry the lack of top level jobs  for a growing graduate force
that emerge from colleges every year. Jesse Jackson has made a career of
attacking Hollywood and the Fortune Five Hundred and his efforts have opened
some opportunities that didn't exist before

The advocates of separation so prevalent decades ago are barely heard from
today except for Farrekan.  The forces of integration won the support of
Black America.  Even as the Black nationalists represented less and less in
the Black community the followers of the Johnson doctrine have made no
adjustment in their position.

When one speaks of Black nationalism in America we must go beyond their
culture of music, their prominent authors,  the eminent actors  and rock
stars.  They are united on minimum issues  but if class issues arise they
will spit into their component parts.  The concerns of the Black proletariat
do not coincide with the affluent Blacks.

What has happened in Black America has grown at an accelerated pace with the
Hispanic community.  Many of them were here in California before the visit
of General Fremont.  A trip through East Los Angeles reveals Hispanic
business on a scale the exceeds those in the Black community.  They have a
large middle class whose interests are not in consonance with the newly
arriving immigrants.

When C.L.R. James suggested in 1970 a special role for Black Militants that
no longer needed the help of the of *organized labor or marxist parties* he
made a profound error.  Only a class party can unite Black, Brown, and
Asians.  The class party unites the disparate forces on an attack on
capitalism that none of the national groups can carry out by themselves
alone.  Race alone cannot go the full distance until it recognizes and
participates in the building of the class party.

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