An Orientalist explanation from Zizek

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New Left Review, Mar/Apr 2000

Slavoj Zizek, "Casting Out Haider":

"Yugoslavia offers another variant of postmodern misconceptions of
post-communism which cast more light on the West than on the former East.
‘Enlightened’ liberal states seem baffled by the reaction of rulers like
Slobodan Miloevic and Saddam Hussein to the campaigns against them. They
appear to be impervious to all external pressures: the West bombards them,
chips off parts of their territory, isolates them from their neighbours,
imposes tough boycotts on them, humiliates them in every way possible, and
yet they survive with their glory intact, maintaining the semblance of
courageous leaders who dare to defy the New World Order. It is not so much
that they turn defeat into triumph; it is rather that, like some version of
a Buddhist sage, they sit in their palaces and perdure. . . "

Oxford Dictionary

Perdure: To continue, endure, last on

1590: Greenwood Answ. Def. Read Prayers 27 Yt was the chief part of their
office, to perdure in the worde and prayer.

1890: J. Skinner Dissert. Metaphysics 109 The Soul is revealed intuitively
as a perduring living agent or entity.

1973: Boilès & Horcasitas tr. M. León-Portilla's Time & Reality in Thought
of Maya ii. 33 For longer than a millennium and a half, not a little of
Maya symbolism has perdured.

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