An Orientalist explanation from Zizek

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Mon May 8 16:43:03 MDT 2000

Forgive me here, but you have all made it quite clear that thia ass-hole is
just that: An ass hole. Why do we need to be bombarded by his useless,
insulting and racist ravings and apologia?

Zizek is a toad, all respect to toads, and we know this. How influential is
this creep anyways? I'll say this much: Much of the
authors'theoreticians/scholars I come across I find because they have
something to say that can be connected to activism in some variant: i.e....
James Petras, Michael Parenti, etc...

This "Zizek" is not a creature that sees any readership on the streets. That
despite the fact that many people read/have read NLR to help determine some
level of activism. It will now be of less use to organising than LM was.


Subject: An Orientalist explanation from Zizek

> New Left Review, Mar/Apr 2000
> Slavoj Zizek, "Casting Out Haider":


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