An Orientalist explanation from Zizek

David Welch david.welch at
Mon May 8 17:35:23 MDT 2000

On Mon, 8 May 2000, Louis Proyect wrote:
> Because we (I actually) are monitoring him. Zizek, unlike many of the
> academic leftists, takes pains to establish his Marxist--if not
> Leninist--credentials. I wouldn't, for example, bother with Judith Butler,
> another one of Doug Henwood's bedroom wall posters, but Zizek needs to be
> understood and rebutted. Lenin had his Bogdanov. Marx and Engels had
> Duhring and Prudhomme. We have Zizek.
I'd be quite interested to read a rebuttal of Zizek, Mark Jones has been
promising a devastating critique for sometime now. However this sort of
undergraduate quote chopping is hardly worth the electricity it took to

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