Mayday in Troy, New York

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Mon May 8 21:36:02 MDT 2000

Mike Yates wrote....

<<I was most impressed with some students from SUNY-Albany (local
university) who told us about their struggles against sweatshops, not
just in terms of trying to get their school to stop buying sweated goods
but also their efforts to help organize the food service workers at the
college.  Their food service provider is Sodexho-Marriott, a notoriously
anti-union employer also deeply involved in the private prison
industry.  That week there had been a confrontation between the students
and their supporters and the campus police, during which the police
committed acts of violence including throwing a student down a flight of
stairs. Several students were arrested and one was charged with felony
assault. This latter student is also a good poet and he recited without
notes several of his poems.  Several hundred dollars were collected at
the picnic and at the event next day for the students' legal defense.>>

The felony assault charge against the graduate
student (and new SEIU 200-D staffer) Victorio Reyes  has been reduced to
misdemeanor assault.  Next court appearance for all 17 arrestees is
Tues, May 16.

Jon Flanders

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