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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #404
                                May 10, 2000
                             Australia's radical weekly
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


The government is desperate to reduce the political price it is paying for
pursuing an economic program which is devastating rural Australia.


 * Why the government won't solve the rural crisis


 * MAY DAY around the world
 * VIETNAM: The inspiration hasn't faded
 * ZIMBABWE: Crisis showcases reasons for IMF, World Bank protests
 * ZIMBABWE: Uninformed `solidarity'
 * COLOMBIA: US to intensify support for terror state
 * EAST TIMOR: Xanana: `I will not be president'
 * EAST TIMOR: Xanana launches East Timor Emergency Fund
 * INDONESIA: Budiman Sujatmiko -- Democracy is yet to be won
 * INDONESIA: Texmaco workers seek support from FNPBI
 * BURMA: Monks threaten uprising
 * PHILIPPINES: Moro liberation fighters under siege
 * SOUTH KOREA: Car workers battle government, IMF
 * IRAQ: Solidarity helps stop attacks on communists
 * SRI LANKA: Army faces serious defeat
 * NORWAY: Largest strike for 14 years


 * Resisting corporate tyranny
 * What's wrong with the WTO, IMF and World Bank?
 * Indonesia: fighting the IMF
 * Olympics protests planned
 * Australia should cancel all Third World debt


 * Olympics: Sydneysiders told to `change habits'
 * Olympics: `the world will be watching'
 * Big end of town demands more cuts
 * Welfare rights need political defence
 * EPA: `Emission Permission Authority'
 * WA Labor's industrial policy full of holes
 * Anti-choice brigade's emotional blackmail
 * Networker: I want my MP3
 * The war against the disadvantaged
 * Maralinga: `old test sites never die'


 * Federation of Cuban Women tour
 * Moya Farrell, 1940-2000
 * Indigenous students plan week of action
 * Bosses cry poor
 * Incat workers denies pay rise despite huge profit
 * Union rank and file ready for elections
 * Tax workers start industrial campaign
 * Public sector needs an industry-wide campaign
 * Action updates
 * Threat of action forces progress at Uni of Canberra
 * May 1 `carnival against capitalism'


 * The perfect pretext
 * A classic brought to life
 * Media spotlight on a socialist
 * Australia's Billy Bragg
 * Jane Austen with sex and politics
 * A `wogs'-eye view of white Australia


 * loose cannons
 * and ain't i a woman?: Dangerous dating
 * Looking out: An innocent person is executed
 * Life of Riley: Elian, the boogeyman's here
 * Editorial: The 'new' relationship with Indonesia
 * Write on: letters to the editor
 * Chris Kelly cartoon


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