White Zimbos to follow Rhodesian model?

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at SPAMantares.com.br
Tue May 9 10:37:43 MDT 2000

As Nestor, I know very little about Zimbabwean politics, but, supposing
Mugabe loses the next election, is the opposition going to *return* the
invaded lands to the White settlers? I doubt such a move is to be well
received. In fact - thinking as a Brazilian leftist, after Cardoso's
backlash on the Sem Terra Movement - and Brazil is a far more urbanized
country than Zimbabwe - the seemingly disproportional struggle that the
land question has in even the most urbanized countries of the 3rd World
seems to do, not with land as a means of self-employment or value
production for the market, but with the dimension of *political
empowerment* associated with land-distribution. If such political
empowerment isn't for the huge isn't attained, any "democracy" cannot
become something different from an empty shell of bourgeois ideology,
and that's why I tend to think that the Left's task would be to support
- tactically - Mugabe's move.

Carlos Rebello

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