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Tue May 9 11:48:55 MDT 2000

What does James think of the Albanians in Kosovo who advocated separation
from Yugoslavia?  Marxists would have advocated a return to federation that
existed under Tito.

I would like to see James deal with the major issue that I raised rather
than tangential questions.  Puerto Ricans have been voting on independence
by moving north.  I hesitate to comment about a matter that I know so little
about but it seems to me that a Socialist federation of the Spanish speaking
Caribbean states is what I would fight for if I lived in Puerto Rico.

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>What does Sol think of Puerto Rican nationalism? Is it reactionary like all
>the other nationalisms? Should Puerto Ricans glory in colonial rule because
>it unites them with the great internationalist working class of the US?
>Jim B

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