C.L.R.James (J.R. Johnson.)

Carrol Cox cbcox at SPAMilstu.edu
Tue May 9 11:53:08 MDT 2000

Sol Dollinger wrote:

> What does James think of the Albanians in Kosovo who advocated separation
> from Yugoslavia?  Marxists would have advocated a return to federation that
> existed under Tito.

I hope I'm wrong -- but as I read Sol's posts, and this paragraph in particular,

it seems to me that he expects abstract principle to constitute an exhaustive
account of particular conjunctions. This position was debated at length on
this list, and for the most part the *same* people who would now defend
Puerto Rican nationalism and the importance of the Black Radical Congress
had no difficulty whatever in condemning "Kosovan" nationalism.

No one on this list, incidentally, so far as I know, defends NOI nationalism
or an independent Black Nation: what we *do* claim is that only organizing
*within* the black community can in practice successfully oppose regressive
black nationalism. There was/is no way that Kosovan Albanians could
defend Yugoslav nationalism without the protection of "Serbian" military
control. Among the limited but real advantages of bourgeois democracy
as it exists in the U.S. is that the BRC *can* oppose reactionary nationalism
-- unless the white left by abstract denials of independent black activity
cripple the black left.


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