Third Socialist Councillor elected in Britain

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Tue May 9 14:05:04 MDT 2000

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 News from our sister party, the Socialist Party, the British Section of
the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI):

 A third Socialist Party (CWI UK group) member, Rob Windsor, has been
elected as a local government councillor in Coventry in this week's
local elections. Standing under the title Socialist Alternative (because
the electoral registration office still prevents the SP from having the
democratic right to stand under its own banner), but nevertheless with
its programme, the comrade won 1182 votes compared to New Labour's 1071.
The SP also stood in many other local government seats. Early results
show we got 24% in Carlisle, 16% in Newcastle, between 7-8% in three
seats in Yorkshire.

Ian Page, SP councillor in Lewisham, London, received a very good 4.2%
(3,981) standing on the constituency list of the London Socialist
Alliance. Full results are not yet through but it appears Ian's vote is
the third highest LSA constituency result (there are 14 constituencies
across London). In a major defeat for New Labour, Ken Livingstone won
45.9% of the first preference vote for mayor. The Tories came second
(19.1%), and the official New Labour candidate got 14.6%. New Labour did
very badly also in the London Assembly votes, coming behind the Tories.
The Greens got three seats. The London top-up list vote results include
the following (one constituency is still to counted): The LSA received
1.85%, and the Campaign against Tube Privatisation 1.12%. The fascist
BNP, standing mainly on the issue of asylum seekers, got 2.67%. None of
the Left parties got a seat on the Assembly


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