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May 10, 2000

Dear comrade,

The May-August issue of Links magazine, international journal of
socialist renewal, is now available. The theme is "Internationalism in
the new century", and it contains the following articles:

* International left collaboration and socialist renewal - by John Percy
* Marxism 2000 Conference reaffirms Marxism in the 21st century - by
Margaret Allum
* The viability of Marxism - by Maria Luisa Fernández
* On internationalism and internationals - by B. Sivaraman
* Militant: What went wrong? - by Phil Hearse
* Women’s liberation and the fight for socialism - by Lisa Macdonald
* Estrada’s decline and the Philippines’ left  - by Sonny Melencio
* For a materialist analysis of national and racial oppression - By Norm
* International Workers’ Movement News - Sao Paulo Forum; Cuban
conferences; East Timor; Coming international conferences; South Korea;

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A list of articles appearing in all previous issues is appended below,
together with a statement of aims, and a list of our editorial board and
contributing editors.

In solidarity,

Allen Myers
Links editor
links at

LINKS seeks to promote the international exchange of information,
experience of struggle, theoretical analysis and views of political
strategy and tactics within the international left. It is a forum for
open and constructive dialogue between active socialists coming from
different political traditions. It seeks to bring together those in the
international left who are opposed to neo-liberal economic and social
policies. It aims to promote the renewal of the socialist movement in
the wake of the collapse of the bureaucratic model of “actually existing
socialism” in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. LINKS is published
three times a year.

Editorial Board
Australia: Max Lane; Doug Lorimer; Dick Nichols; John Percy; Canada:
Pierre Beaudet; Indonesia: Budiman Sujatmiko; Dita Sari; Marlin;
Germany: André Brie; New Zealand: Matt McCarten; Pakistan: Farooq
Sulehria; Farooq Tariq; Philippines: Ronald Garcia; Sonny Melencio;
Reihana Mohideen; Francisco Nemenzo; South Africa: Jeremy Cronin; Langa
Zita; Sri Lanka: Sunil Ratnapriya; United States of America: Carl
Bloice; Malik Miah; Joanna Misnik.

Contributing editors
Alejandro Bendaña (Nicaragua); Juan Antonio Blanco (Cuba); Pat Brewer
(Australia); Hector de la Cueva (Mexico);  Rina Gagliardi (Italy); José
M. Galego Montana (Cuba); Pallo Jordan (South Africa); Boris Kagarlitsky
(Russia); Tamás Krausz (Hungary); Alain Krivine (France); Manning
Marable (USA); Gerson Martinez (El Salvador); Frank Pascual
(Philippines); Jaime Pastor (Spain); Dulce Maria Pereira (Brazil);
Manuel Monereo Pérez (Spain); James Petras (USA); Yevgeniya Polinovskaya
(Russia); Jomo K. Sundaram (Malaysia); François Vercammen (Belgium); Won
Young Su (South Korea).

Managing Editor: Allen Myers. Design: Cameron Parker.

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LINKS, Post Office Box 515, Broadway, NSW 2007 Australia.
Telephone: 61 2 9690 1230.
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14 (January-April 2000) Theme: East Timor: The left and military
* The left and UN military intervention in East Timor - Terry Townsend *
The Timorese Socialist Party - Max Lane * Debate on the national
question - Malik Miah * Origins of women’s oppression - Pat Brewer * The
Mexican left - Phil Hearse* Scottish independence and the struggle for
socialism - Alan McCombes * Hungarian post-Marxists - Laszlo Andor *
Socialism or barbarism? - Boris Kagarlitsky

13 (September-December 1999) Theme: Socialism and Nationalism
* Marx, Engels and Lenin on the national question - Norm Dixon * Irish
nationalism and the peace process - interview with Bernadette McAliskey
* The right to self-determination in Kashmir - Farooq Sulehria *
National oppression and the collapse of Yugoslavia - Michael Karadjis *
Palestine and Israel after the elections - Adam Hanieh * Program of the
Revolutionary Workers Party of the Philippines * The uninterrupted
revolution in the Philippines - Reihana Mohideen * The left in Pakistan:
a brief history - Farooq Sulheria * Marxism or Bauerite nationalism? -
Doug Lorimer * Trotsky's Theory of Permanent Revolution: A Leninist
Critique By Doug Lorimer - review by John Nebauer * International
Workers Movement News - Marxism 2000 Conference; ATTAC; Dita Sari;
Pakistan; Revolutionaries in European Parliament; Scottish Socialist

12 (May-August 1999) Theme: Capitalist crisis, neo-liberal myths
* Causes of the international economic crisis - Allen Myers * “Creative”
destruction and malignant neglect: reversing progress - James Petras *
Global falsehoods: How the World Bank and the UNDP distort the figures
on poverty - Michel Chussodovsky * Fusion creates Philippines Socialist
Party of Labour - Joint statement and political platform * Russia: the
new periphery - Boris Kagarlitsky * The failure of Russia’s “democrats”
- Renfrey Clarke * Socialists in the Australian women’s movement -
Margaret Allen * Theses on the class nature of the People’s Republic of
China - Democratic Socialist Party * International Workers Movement News
- Indonesia; CADTM; France

11 (January-April 1999) Theme: Which road to socialism?
* Columbia: the FARC speaks out - interview with Olga Lucia Marin and
Marco Leon Calarca * The Asia-Pacific Solidarity Conference - Max Lane
and John Percy * Debates in the Spanish United Left - interview with
Manuel Monereo Perez and Jaime Pastor * China: is capitalist restoration
inevitable? - Eva Cheng * Dependency and control: The Palestinian and
Israeli economies - interview with Salah Abdel Shafi * Indonesia: the
unfinished struggle: A short history of the radical movement - Edwin
Gozal; Concessions or reforms? - Muhammad Ma'ruf; PRD response to Arief
Budiman's letter; Interview with editor of Pembebasan * Resolution on
Tactics - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) * The tottering
Fifth Republic? France’s emerging political crisis - interview with
Pierre Rousset * The Tenth National Congress of the SACP - Dale T
McKinley * Our Marxism (SACP) * International Workers Movement News -
Pakistan; Germany; Indonesia; ASA; Espaces Marx; APCET; NELF; New
Zealand; Japan

10 (March-July 1998) Theme: The Communist Manifesto and the Asian
economic crisis
* The relevance of the Communist Manifesto today - John Percy * Behind
the Asian economic crisis - Chow Wei Cheng * The Bolsheviks and the
October revolution - Randhir Singh * What political economy for
socialism? - interview with Makoto Itoh * GATT and the World Trade
Organisation Alan Freeman * Capitalism and the environment - Allen Myers
* Land occupations in Brazil - James Petras * Socialism at the beginning
of the twenty-first century - Andre Brie * Behind the jailing of the
Herri Batasuna leadership - Sabin del Bado * Carl Brecker debates Dale
McKinley on the transition in South Africa  * The NICs: Jomo Sundaraman
replies to Chow Wei Cheng

9 (November 1997-February 1998) Theme: Organising the Indonesian mass
* Indonesia: organising the mass struggle for real democracy - interview
with Marlin * A Marxist critique of post-Marxists - James Petras *
Economic nationalism and the Indian left - Dipankar Bhattacharya * Why
Russia needs another revolution - Renfrey Clarke * Cuba: new economic
actors in a socialist society - Carlos Tablada * Blair Labour and the
socialist struggle - interview with Peter Taaffe * Portuguese Communist
Party’s theses on the international situation * Irwin Silber debates
Phil Hearse on “Socialism: What Went Wrong?”

8 (July-October 1997) Theme: Class-struggle in South-East Asia
* Twenty-six years of struggles: lessons and prospects for the
Philippines left - Sonny Melencio * Lessons of the East Asian NICs -
Chow Wei Cheng * An immigration policy based on human rights - David
Bacon * The debate in Communist Refoundation  * The new capitalist
globalisation (Part 2:  Defeats in the South and the East) - Samir Amin
* The left and the macro-economic battle in South Africa - Dale T
McKinley  * Anti-Leninism: an apology for capitalism. Irwin Silber's
'Socialism: What went wrong?' - review by Phil Hearse * International
Workers Movement News - Asia Pacific Solidarity Conference; APCET;
Marxjour List; Cuba; Debate; Indonesia; OSPAAL; Zapatistas; FI Youth

7 (July-September 1996) Theme: Globalisation and socialist strategy
* The rise of right-wing feminism - Pat Brewer * The new capitalist
globalisation (Part 1: Problems and perspectives) - Samir Amin * The
poverty of nations: Relative surplus value, technical change and
accumulation in the modern global market - Alan Freeman * The process of
globalisation: the role of the state and multinational corporations -
James Petras * France, December 1995: “Preferring disorder over
injustice” - Raghu Krishnan * Left social democrats: come out of the
closet! - Eddie Webster * Social democracy and neo-liberalism in South
Africa. A reply to Eddie Webster - Oupa Lehulere * Revolutionary unity
and strategy in the Dominican Republic - Stephen Marks * International
Workers Movement News - Indonesia; Cuba; Zapatistas; USA; Sri Lanka;
Turkey; Philippines; Euromarches; East Timor Solidarity Conference

6 (January-April 1996) Theme: What alternative for Latin America?
* The 1995 Sao Paolo Forum - Stephen Marks * El Salvador: Democracy is
the axis - interview with Gerson Martinez * Latin America’s recent
elections. The PT balance sheet - Marco Aurelio Garcia * Pragmatism
unarmed: the Castaneda case - James Petras and Steve Vieuz * Mexico City
in Moscow - Renfrey Clarke * Escaping the labyrinth. The democratic
model - Boris Kagarlitsky  * The three dimensions of neo-imperialism -
Michel Husson * Socialism is the future, build it now! - The SACP’s
strategic perspectives * International Workers Movement News - Marx
International Congress; Germany; FI World Congress

5 (August-October 1995)
* Development, democracy and socialism in Cuba - interview with Dario
Machado * Palestine: crisis in the national movement - Dan Connell *
Queer theory and the politics of post-identity - Robert Andrew Nowlan *
Affirmative action and the fight for equality: lessons from the USA -
Malik Miah * The character of the SACP - Blade Nzimande * The meaning of
Sandinismo: a contribution to the FSLN discussion - Alejandro Bendana *
The Indian communist movement: some recent experiences - interview with
Vinod Mishra * Russia’s CP and the radical left - Boris Kagarlitsky
*Documents of the German PDS * The first five years of the PDS - Lothar
Bisky * Structural adjustment in Hungary: the politics of 20 years of
debt - Laszlo Andor * Britain’s “New Labour” - Phil Hearse *
International Workers Movement News - South Africa; USA; WFDY; Sao Paulo

4 (January-March 1995)
* The economic 'recovery' of Latin America. The myth and the reality -
James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer * Challenging the neo-liberal agenda in
South Africa - Jeremy Cronin * Letter to South Africa - Boris
Kagarlitsky * Lessons from the East Asian NICs Jomo K Sundaram *
Capitalism in Eastern Europe - Laszlo Andor * The Eastern European
change of regimes - Tamas Krausz * The left and the politics of
nationalism - Vickramabahu Karunarathne * Reflections for the  third
millennium - Juan Antonio Blanco  * Cuba: the Jurassic Park of
socialism? - Juan Antonio Blanco * The Indonesian progressive movement -
Max Lane * Post-election debate in the Brazilian PT * International
Workers Movement News - Cuba Solidarity; OSPAAL; South Africa; East
Timor; Nicaragua

3 (October-December 1994)
* The relevance of Marxism since the collapse of the Soviet bloc - Barry
Sheppard * Is national capital progressive? - Jomo K Sundaram *
Population, environment and women’s rights - Marina Carman * Political
stabilisation in Russia - Kiva Maidanik * Class, democracy and socialism
in South Africa - Dale T McKinley * Budapest conference: What course for
the new left? - Renfrey Clarke * Delinking in East & West - Susan
Zimmerman * Leninism vs Maoism. The semifeudalism debate in the
Philippines - Sonny Melencio * Social democracy: Some lessons of the
Australian experience  * Nicaragua: reforms or concessions? Stephen
marks * US left regroupment. Committees of Correspondence founding
convention - Sushawn Robb * Campaign for democracy in Nepal - Michael
Tardif * Power and Money, By Ernest Mandel - review by Chow Wei Cheng *
International Workers Movement News - Spain; Cuba; USA; New Zealand;
Denmark; Germany

2 (July-September 1994)
* South Africa's transition. A mass-driven transformation - Jeremy
Cronin  * Winning democracy in Indonesia - Max Lane * Resurgence of the
Filipino left - interview with Francisco Nemenzo * The New World Order.
Neither new, global nor orderly - Alejandro Bendana * Russia: from
crisis to catastrophe - Boris Kagarlitsky * Elections in Eastern Europe
- Tamas Krausz * The New Zealand Alliance - Keith Locke * Important
advances at FSLN conference - Stephen Marks * Women, the State and
Revolution: Soviet Family Policy and Social Life, 1917-1936 by Wendy Z
Goldman - review by Reihana Mohideen * The Latin American Left - From
the Fall of Allende to Perestroika - review by Neville Spencer *
International Workers Movement News - APCET; International Green Left
Conference; Russian Labor Review; Brazil; El Salvador

1 (April-June 1994)
* The Latin American left in the ’90s - interview with Daniel Ortega *
Russia’s trade union movement - Boris Kagarlitsky and Renfrey Clarke *
Leninism vs Stalinism: debate in the Philippines - Sonny Melencio * The
split in the Philippines Communist Party - Max Lane * Framework for a
left dialogue in the USA - Manning Marable * Accord politics and the
left in Australia - Pat Brewer and Peter Boyle * Brazilian PT’s election
principles * Left unity in South Africa - Langa Zita * The African
Communist - review by Jeremy Cronin * Nature, Society, Thought;
Communist parties discuss collapse of Soviet Union - review by Pip
Hinman * International Workers Movement News - USA; South Africa; New
Zealand; APCET; New European Left Assembly

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