The Dramas of Haymarket

Saul Thomas stthomas at
Wed May 10 08:04:30 MDT 2000

The Chicago Historical Society has put an exhibition on the "The Dramas of
Haymarket" on the web:


  Welcome to The Dramas of Haymarket, an online project produced by
  the Chicago Historical Society and Northwestern University. The
  Dramas of Haymarket examines selected materials from the Chicago
  Historical Society's soon-to-be-completed Haymarket Affair Digital
  Collection, an electronic archive of CHS's extraordinary Haymarket
  holdings. The Dramas of Haymarket interprets these materials and
  places them in historical context, drawing on many other items from
  the Historical Society's extensive resources.

Main Contents
  Prologue: Whither America?
  From the Great Fire to 1880

  Act I: Subterranean Fire
  From 1880 to May 1, 1886

  Act II: Let Your Tragedy Be Enacted Here
  From May 1 to May 4, 1886

  Act III: Toils of the Law
  From the arrests to the verdict

  Act IV: The Voice of the People
  From the conviction to the execution

  Act V: Raising the Dead
  From the funeral to the pardon

  Epilogue: Drama Without End
  From the pardon to the present

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