Red Ken outrage

M A Jones jones118 at
Thu May 11 02:34:16 MDT 2000

Russell Grinker wrote

> Mark Jones:
> >socialist mayor of London in using his vast popular support to push
> >his socialist[ic] programme for public transport in the teeth of the
> >combined opposition of New Labour and the Tories.
> So what's the slogan of the day?
> Socialist[ic] public transport + dictatorship of London cross-party elite
> municipal socialism

No, Russell, and don't be predictable. It's not about municipal socialism,
it's about new kinds of mass politics. You can live in your quiet little
sectarian humidor if you like, untainted by the raucous, noisy, turbid,  and
carnivalesque politics of guerrilla gardening, anarchy, green/reds and all
the other stuff that's going down. You won't be missed. I agree
it's hard to cut the big movements from Seattle to Washington to London and
a dozen other places, to fit the incredibly small procrustean bed you're
offering. It's hard to understand what it's all about for us old 'uns. But
make the effort, for God's sake. You may not have noticed but these
untutored, untrained kids who are not marching behind your banners, have
nonetheless identified where the real enemy is and have brought big numbers
onto the streets to protest about things like the WTO and the IMF, which I
don't remember your General Staff making such a big issue out of. Ken
Livingstone is trying to conect up Ford workers with gardening guerrillas,
and the potent symbolism of this frightens the pants off The Times leader
writers. They see it, even if you don't.

Mark Jones

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