Red Ken outrage

Russell Grinker grinker at
Thu May 11 06:29:28 MDT 2000

Mark Jones:
>I agree it's hard to cut the big movements from Seattle to Washington to
London and
>a dozen other places, to fit the incredibly small procrustean bed you're
>offering. It's hard to understand what it's all about for us old 'uns. But
>make the effort, for God's sake.

Rather procrustean than crusty if you ask me.

Seriously though, I have absolutely no sympathy with what you term the "the
0.0006% (s+t) faction".  But what kind of gain for local democracy is
represented by Livingstone turning the London Assembly into another Northern
Ireland Assembly-style all-party circus with almost every party given a
portfolio?  Surely you don't go along with the current vogue for
non-confrontational consensus politics?  In short, what's the point of a
Livingstone variant of the third way?


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