More dead in Argentina due to repression.

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Fri May 12 08:37:02 MDT 2000

> Nestor wrote:
> The situation in Tartagal is a direct consequence of privatization of
> the Argentinian oil company, YPF, which is now part of the Spanish
> imperialist monopoly Repsol.
> Will keep you informed. In the meanwhile, I would ask list members to
> Spain to organize against Spanish imperialist penetration in Latin
> America, and particularly in Argentina. A new Conquest has begun, and
> a new Independence war will begin.

The consequences of such imperialist Spanish penetration have been felt also in
Brazil, where
Telefónica and Iberdola have become infamous by their high-handed management off,
respectively, the
fixed telephonic service in São Paulo (and cell phone service in Rio) and the supply
of cooking gas in
Rio. Both have given thousands of Brazilian workers the sack, have reorganized a few
of such laid-off
workers as service-selling "cooperatives" - therefore freeing their employers from
various social
security payments - are presently scrapping the privatized assets bought at bargain
prices, and, at
the same time, are importing batches of Spanish engineers and technicians deeply
ignorant of the
actual state of the existing infrastructure. To boot, all such Spanish firms purchase
services, when
possible, from Spanish firms - a clerk from Telefónica, if s/he needs to make a trip
to São Paulo,
must buy his/her ticket from some Madrid office of a Spanish travelling agency, in
what one could call
an export of Brazilian jobs to Spain. The fact that Spain is a latecomer to such
pillaging, of course, makes the Spanish bosses to be seem, in Brazil - and I believe
in the rest of a
LA - like a bunch of beserkly hungry locusts. Given the fact that the public services
structure they
are pillaging was put in place by the military dictatorship during the '70s, for
Portuguese speaking
Brazil this is seem not as a Reconquista, but as a foreign conquest, pure and simple...

Carlos Rebello

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