Little anecdote about Negri

Chris Doss itschris13 at
Fri May 12 09:58:33 MDT 2000

My dissertation advisor has a slightly amusing story about Antonio Negri.

>With Antonio Negri I also have a story.  My grandmother, when she was alive
>(died in 1981) owned a whole building with apartments and shops in the
>center of Milan.  She had full confidence in her attorney, who was also the
>administrator of the building.  This attorney rented a workshop to
>Negri (who opened there the political circle "Controinformazione").  My
>grandmother lived in the country and did not care who were her tenants.  So
>she never met Negri.  But when Negri was arrested on April 7, 1979 on the
>charge of terrorism  (I was a freshman and I remember that day well), the
>first thing my grandmother did was to call her attorney and scold him very
>very groundly.
>With all good wishes,

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