I want to leave this list.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Fri May 12 13:02:40 MDT 2000

Roland, I will unsub you. But your rude  "arm chair/Sunday socialists"
comment deserves a comment. You are probably not aware of this, but many
people who post regularly to the list, including me, are involved with
activist type projects. The Marxist movement has gone through an enormous
crisis over the past 2 decades, brought on by sectarianism and dogmatism.
The answer to this crisis is not mindless activism, but thoughtful
reflection combined with intelligent action. It is really too bad that you
seem uninterested in this aspect of the movement, which clearly was on the
mind of Marx and Engels through extensive periods in the career. The best
of luck to you.


>I cannot continue on this list.  Too much talk and no proposals for
>action/activity.  I do not want to be on a list of "arm chair/Sunday
>socialists" who call themselves Marxists.  Is there anyone out there who has
>none anything in the workers movement? This list is too much of a "clutter"
>of email to sort through and which signifies nothing.
>It's been great fun. but I gotta get out of this space.
>                  Roland Sheppard

Louis Proyect

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