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>A former US missile scientist has published an article alleging that  the
>real targets of the  National Missile Defence (NMD), which is due to be
>deployed soon by the Americans, are not the so-called "rogue states" (North
>Korea etc) as Clinton has claimed, but Russia and China.
>The full text was passed to me by ISWoR supporter Francis Krause, and can
>found online at
>Although ISWoR-org list is generally for co-ordination of practical work
>rather than theoretical debate, I make an exception here by posting this
>material because of the seriousness of its implications.
>Below I quote a few extracts from the article:
>"..if the proposed national missile defense system is to be aimed
>at North Korean missiles, why is the United States deploying a radar that
>ideally suited for gathering intelligence for such a system on the northern
>tip of Norway, less than 40 miles from the Russian border?"
>"The Russians and the Chinese also understand that the administration's
><limited> defense is in fact a system that is indistinguishable from one
>aimed at them. They correctly understand the full technical implications of
>the administration's proposed battle-management upgrades of early warning
>radars....These upgrades are exactly those that would be needed for a
>national missile defense system aimed at Russia and China...."
>"[In Oct 1999]...I was told by several [Russian] government officials about
>meeting in Beijing, from which they had just returned. .. The purpose of
>meeting was to begin Russian and Chinese political and technical
>to deal with the threat of a US National Missile Defense system.
>"George N. Lewis, John Pike and I published an article in the August 1999
>issue of the Scientific American, which attempted to show that the proposed
>US National missile defense system could be defeated by the simplest of
>countermeasures. I personally know missile experts in Russia and China, and
>they agree.
>"A US decision to deploy will nevertheless result in a strong negative,
>co-ordinated, and unequivocal reaction from Russia and China. This is
>there will be constant concerns that the United states may eventually
>and modify the defense with nuclear-armed interceptors instead of the
>hit-to-kill interceptors now planned for the system.
>"A modified and expanded nuclear system could also be readily defeated, but
>the Russians and Chinese would have to dedicate more resources to the task.
>Most important: They might want to expand their offensive capability,
>following the Nuclear Age dictum that a good offense beats any defense."
>"...Thus a decade after the end of the Cold War, the Clinton administration
>has put us on the path to a new arms race and a breakdown of the entire
>international system of treaties that has been built over the past 30
>"It is bad enough if the administration simply does not understand what it
>doing. It is even worse if it does."
>Theodore A. Postol, in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Mar-Apr
>This fits in with political developments of the past two years or so. The
>1998 economic crisis impoverished Russians and led to a mass recognition
>the western-imposed privatisation process was responsible. Unfortunately
>could have become a mass rebellion against capitalism is now being diverted
>into a simple anti-Americanism, accompanied by a dangerous chauvinistic
>ultranationalism. This is because the severe punitive conditions dictated
>the IMF after the crisis, as well as the potential threat of mass
>working-class uprising,  has led much of Russia's elite to feel they must
>carve their road to capitalist power independently from the US.
>Its clear that if we are not able to quickly build a workers
>strong enough to combat the lies of the war-mongering capitalist elites on
>both sides, the nightmare we narrowly managed to escape in the twentieth
>century could well occur at the beginning of the twenty-first.
>Lisa Taylor
>International Solidarity with Workers in Russia (ISWoR)
>Remember four years of good friends, bad clothes, explosive chemistry
>KARL MARX "The emancipation of the working class must be conquered by the
>working class itself ... it is also the emancipation of all human beings
>without distinction of race or sex."

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