Red Ken outrage

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Fri May 12 13:05:00 MDT 2000

But the whole point of the "carping" is that Ken Livingstone is no more a
"Red" than Rudolph Gulliani or Pete Wilson.
 If you support Ken, you support capitalism and imperialism, just as he
A Capitalist is a Capitalist. (And from what I hear about Kens stocks &
shares fortune, he's as big a capitalist as any!)

James Tait.

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> Chris Kromm wrote:
> > You Brits have no idea how funny you sound arguing about whether Red Ken
> is
> > a sellout. What would we give to have anything even resembling a "red"
> mayor
> > in ANY U.S. city!
> Well, that's just my argument against the backbiters and carpers. I
> Ken.
> Carpe diem.
> Mark Jones

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