Red Ken outrage

Mark Jones jones118 at
Fri May 12 17:04:04 MDT 2000

red-rebel wrote:

> Ken Livingstone is no more a
> "Red" than Rudolph Gulliani or Pete Wilson.

Hello from planet Earth.

What really would be helpful, anytime you feel like coming out of your
bunker and reminding yourself what daylight looks like, would be for you to
address specific and concrete issues, not by sectarian automatic writing but
by actual thought and analysis. It's really pointless taking the view that
the whole world is out of step and only you 0.0006% (s+t) tendency have a
leverage on the truth; you'll just have no-one to talk to. 0.0006% of this
list comes to less even than one person, it comes to a small part of one
person about the size of my arse, which you can kiss but cannot hold a
conversation with. Give us your thought[s] about London, its history, life,
art, culture and social existence. Show us how your politics connects with
that. This would be helpful.

Mark Jones

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