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Julio Pino jpino at
Sun May 14 10:29:31 MDT 2000

   Nestor: your post on Brazil reminded me of something similar with
regards to Cuba: there are travel brochures available from several American
sea cruise companies which features maps of the Caribbean where Cuba does
not appear!
Once a nation is "lost" to  Communism it no longer exists for the rulers of
the USA, or its travel agents.Likewise,  every atlas I can remember being
issued during the Cold War, when showing the territory of the USSR, carried
a caption that said "The government of the United States does not recognize
Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania as part of the Soviet Union." Yet no other
"disputed territory" was treated this way, eg, South Africa's illegal
occupation of Namibia. So, yes , you are right to warn us that cartography
is an extension of geopolitics.
Abrazos, Julio Cesar
At 01:03 AM 5/14/00 -0300, you wrote:
>Dear friends,
>I am subbed to a professional list of geographers in Brazil. This is
>a very important piece of information: on American educational
>publications, the Brazilian territory appears divided, with Amazonia
>under an "international control" of some kind.

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