Mercosur (was American intention to split Brazil?)

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Sun May 14 23:12:25 MDT 2000

I am fanatical, radical and extremist supporter of Mercosur. In these
execrable, ominous last twenty years it is the only great perspective that
our countries, in a very bizarre way, has been able to build. The blindness
of our leftist "intelligentzia" is showed in its deep ignorance and silent
about this question.
The most important and influent exposer of Mercosur strategie is, in
Argentina, the actual ambassador in Lima, Peru, the writer and diplomat Abel
Posse. He is the only who publicly propose to overcome the miserable
mercantile limits, that the dwarfs in charge of the political responsability
in Argentina have stablished, and to begin with a process of political,
militar, technological and strategical unity. Our country is in condition of
facilitate to Brazil nuclear and space rockets know how. Both countries are
in condition to build a kind of SATO, South Atlantic Treaty Organization and
create a regional military power as counterbalance of the American hegemony.
A Mercosur money unity appears as the only possibility against the
dollarization of our (Argentinian) economy. As Peron explained in his very
famous discourse in the Militar Academy in 1953 (take note of the date, as
early as 1953) a new ABC (Argentina, Chile and Brazil) alliance (invented by
this giant of  Itamaraty's diplomacy who was Barao do Rio Branco, but with
another contents) is the axis for the reconstruction of Latinamerica lost
I am, in this way, latinamerican nationalist.
An anecdote. Curiously, the points of view that De la Rua manifested about
this issue (he became president in the worst moment of our relations with
Brazil, as a result of our suicidal change rate (1 peso=one dolar) and the
rational Brazilian devaluation) have been a bit more advanced and decided
than the tricky attitude of Menem.
The inspiration source of these points of view seems to be the brother of De
la Rua's wife, the admiral Pertine. This admiral was one of the member of a
group in our Foreign Affairs Ministry, that, headed by ambassador Abel
Posse, began conversations with Itamaraty in order to advance in most
strategical and political levels in relation with Mercosur.
I don't need to explain for this elevated audience that Admiral Pertine is a
conservative, serious, monogamic and, perhaps, reactionary high officer of
our War Navy. But the case is that he is for a deeper relation with our
giant neighbour. This admiral was the first candidate to occupy the
direction of our Intelligence Service. When this came out in the newspapers,
different organizations of Human Rights, firstly Madres de Plaza de Mayo and
its president, the pernicious Hebe de Bonafini, denounced him as responsable
for throwing prisoners from helicopters to Rio de la Plata, during the
dictatorship. No evidences were presented, but the campaign get that the
name of Pertine was taken out as possible candidate. In the place was named
the banker Santibañez, a man of the core of the financial world in
Casually? I don't believe.

Julio FB

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> el 14 May 00, a las 23:35, crebello dijo:
> >
> > (1) The only reason for Argentina not joining outrightly the FTAA,
> > after dollarising its economy, is exactly the existence of the
> > Mercosur and the fact that the such dollarisation would be entirely
> > harmful to Brazilian economic interests;

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