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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat May 13 08:38:33 MDT 2000

James Tait:
>Fuck, if you get slagged off for talking about "Revolution" on the "Marxism
>List" (!!!), then I think we know all we need to about just how fucked up
>the "Left" actually is!

James, you really might be happier on other mailing lists where Revolution
is the constant topic of discussion. Let me offer these possibilities:

1. Marxism-International: This is moderated by Louis Godena, who threw many
of us off this list because we stubbornly refused in our epicene and
middle-class fashion to talk about Revolution. He can be reached at
louisgodena at IDS.NET.

2. Marxism-unmoderated: This, as the name implies, was created in order to
allow talk about Revolution to go on unabated 24 hours a day without fear
of censorship. You can join it by sending "subscribe marxism-unmoderated"
to majordomo at".

As is the case generally in politics, there is a process of differentiation
going on continuously. When Marxism first made its appearance on the
Internet over five years ago, many of us were crowded into the same room
metaphorically speaking. Some of us wanted to talk about ecology or culture
some of the time, whole others insisted on talking about the Revolution and
the Proletariat all of the time and nothing less. You can imagine the
frustration and flaming this led to.

In any case, I never hold a grudge against anybody who unsubs from this
list. There is no sense for Marxists to get angry with each other if they
disagree on what the proper focus of discussion should be. One of these
days, the re-awakened class struggle in the imperialist nations will
provide that focus. In the meantime, let's tend to our separate gardens.

Louis Proyect
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