Red Ken outrage

Russell Grinker grinker at
Sun May 14 11:27:07 MDT 2000

Before everyone gets away with dismissing it outright, I think there is at
least one part of James' diatribe which deserves a bit more serious
attention on this list.  His description of what passes for the left in the
UK today has a depressing ring of truth about it.

>It's funny, but most people I talk to can see this well enough. They just
>don't see themselves as having any connection to the "Left". And why should
>they, when the "Left" consists almost solely of the same type of
>middle-class shits who fuck us over so profficiently in the real world.
>Lefty students and patronising professors. The wanker sitting behind the
>desk at the DSS, telling you your benefits are suspended - next time you
>him he's outside Tesco's selling "Socialist Worker". The social-worker who
>threatened to have you put in care as a kid with his "Peace" badge on. The
>"Street-Fighting Men" of '68 who are now your boss.
>The "Left" is the establishment. And you are part of the "Left". Go figure.

Bit of a problem for the real (?) left innit?


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