Latin American Marxist writers

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Sun May 14 22:08:27 MDT 2000

Nestor wrote, answering Sam Pawlett:

> But do you know what happens after they leave? This is also a display
> of power, an absolutely unintended display of power, an expression of
> the objective distance that exists between those excellent Swiss and
> the peasants. And, on the other hand, there would be a lot to say
> against that kind of Leftish tourism that goes and lives with the
> peasants, not with human people as such but with "the peasants".
> Julio FB has written something on this sometime (do you remember,
> Julio, on the "young little lama shepherd playing his sad tunes on a
> quena forever"?)

Personally the only tourism from the North I like is this that comes to
Buenos Aires in order to dance tango. Above all if it is composed by young,
nice, avid of adventures misses, mademoiselles, frauleins and fröknar.
I have special aversion towards the Rousseaunian idealism, very typical in
the citizens of the North, that see us as a kind of natural man, of pure
nature, in oposition to theirs corrupted existences in the industrial
The incomprehension or, simply, ignorance about our history, about the
historical chain of causes that has determined our deep and real conditions
of existence, their well intentioned and charitable attitude uses to make me
mad. The quoting that Nestor mentions has to do, if I remember correctly,
with the Malvinas War.
I was living in Stockholm then as political refugee. Of course, all the
newspapers, the socialdemocrats, the communists, the greens, the good
people, in resume, have been and were very solidary in our denounces against
the militar dictatorship in Argentina. But when a group of argentinians,
among which  I was, tried to explain in the newspapers, in the
socialdemocrat and communist circles, among the good people, our hold to the
argentinian claim and the war, the doors suddenly became closed. It was
imposible to penetrate the wall of incomprehension. We were object of their
consideration under the condition that to be prosecuted, tortured, defeated,
exiled by sadist generals with thick moustaches . In the moment that we
stand up and confront with the real power our BTW generous hosts lost
quickly their intresse. The attitude did not correspond with their
imaginary, their "imago" about Latina America, a place where "a young little
lama shepherd is playing his sad tunes on a quena forever".

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