An ominous omen

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun May 14 20:34:21 MDT 2000

>By the way, this brings to light the essential equation of colonial
>thinking: "Argentina needs foreign capital to grow, we must behave,
>capital owners will punish us otherwise".  If I am a colonialist,
>this line of ideas is my natural way of thinking, but if I am a
>colonial, this line of ideas is what constitutes the sepoy. And you
>can perfectly follow this ideology while presenting yourself as a
>Marxist, in which case you become a sepoy Marxist, a species far too
>common in Latin America.
>Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
>gorojovsky at

wonderful post Nestor.  Here in Australia the source of 'sepoy Marxists'
was the late Communist Party of Australia.  The typical former "bright"
cadre of the 70s who used to spout Althusser is now the Labor Party adviser
of the 00s.  It is all about being "reconstructed" a fancy word for selling
out the cause of the oppressed.



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