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Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at SPAMinea.com.ar
Sat May 13 18:14:39 MDT 2000

Dear cdes,

I took the liberty to translate and forward to the lists parts of a
private comment by Julio FB on the "Declaration of the PIN" which I
sent a couple of hours ago for the pleasurable reading of those who
can manage Spanish.  These comments contain many valuable insights on
Argentinian politics, which will certainly be of use to  those
interested in Argentinian events.

------- Forwarded message follows -------

The declaration is very important, in that it calls the attention on
the fact that the Government has recoiled. This makes a difference
with Menem who was simply alien to Argentina. De la Rúa is more

When Seineldin took arms against Menem's military policies, and
occupied the Army headquarters, Menem simply ordered that the
building be dislodged at any cost, informed that he was going to have
a nap and that he wanted to see everything solved by the time he woke
up. And he went away, and took that nap!

He did not care for the life of the Argentinians at all. In a similar
way, if I -hypothetically- were made Lord of Planet Mars I would not
care less for the life or destiny of any forlorn group of Beriberians
near the slopes of Nyx Olympica.

De la Rúa has been sleepless for five days today. Can you even guess
the interest that Menem would had put in the pressure from a couple
of bishops worried by their poor flock? "Let them be glad with my
reactionary opposition to abortion, and have them not interfere where
they are not called!".

Yes, the declaration establishes clearly that the "happy ending" has
changed the relations of power. Now we know that De la Rúa is, at
least, amenable to influence by a bold, determined resistance by our
fellow countrypeople.  Then, he may bend to something else than the
silent and furious pressure of the bankers' stablishment and the IMF.

In a sense, this makes him more "human", but this also turns him
useless for everyone. This is a confirmation of what I foresaw  some
time ago, the weakness of the new administration and, consequently,
the lability in the political situation.

Needless to say, this does not turn me into an admirer of poor
sleepless Chupete [nickname for De la Rúa, NMG], but allows us to
half see the opening of a broad way of active protests that will
certainly establish new political guidelines in Argentina.

In the meanwhile, political Peronism is dissolving just as M.
Valdemar did.


Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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