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> James,
> Hello from planet Earth.
> What really would be helpful, anytime you feel like coming out of your
> bunker and reminding yourself what daylight looks like, would be for you
> address specific and concrete issues, not by sectarian automatic writing
> by actual thought and analysis. It's really pointless taking the view that
> the whole world is out of step and only you 0.0006% (s+t) tendency have a
> leverage on the truth; you'll just have no-one to talk to. 0.0006% of this
> list comes to less even than one person, it comes to a small part of one
> person about the size of my arse, which you can kiss but cannot hold a
> conversation with. Give us your thought[s] about London, its history,
> art, culture and social existence. Show us how your politics connects with
> that. This would be helpful.
> Mark Jones

What do you do for a living, Mark? How about you Louis?
Teachers, Professors, Lecturers? Social-Workers or managers maybe?
Because lets face it, they are the type that predominate on the "Left".

Of course, if there is only 256 of us then maybe we should stick to debating
lesser-evilism.Maybe Ken is the best we can hope for after all. Or Maybe
Fuck, if you get slagged off for talking about "Revolution" on the "Marxism
List" (!!!), then I think we know all we need to about just how fucked up
the "Left" actually is!
But,  and please excuse my ignorance, I genuinely thought that being a
communist was about revolution. And,
yes, I have noticed such revolutionary concepts as revolution are not the
most popular in the west these days. Not like '68, hey boys, back in the
good old days when you could be a "radical" and still look cool on campus.

However, back in the real world, where cuddly Ken is no more likely to lead
a strike and occupation at Dagenham any more than Pete Wilson would, and
where it will be Livingston's Met that still kills folk in the cells and
leathers hippies planting hemp in Parliament Sq., just like his Uncle
Gulliani would, I'm still living on 55 quid a week in the 5th richest
country in the world, and Blairs Nice New Labour cut back on child-benefit
for my baby daughter.
(How much do you live on Louis, Mark? Or doesn't that make any difference?)
 But then, us lumpy proles needed the "experience" of
Blair (and now Livingstone for those lucky Londoners), in order for us to
understand that capitalism is a "Bad Thing".

It's funny, but most people I talk to can see this well enough. They just
don't see themselves as having any connection to the "Left". And why should
they, when the "Left" consists almost solely of the same type of
middle-class shits who fuck us over so profficiently in the real world.
Lefty students and patronising professors. The wanker sitting behind the
desk at the DSS, telling you your benefits are suspended - next time you see
him he's outside Tesco's selling "Socialist Worker". The social-worker who
threatened to have you put in care as a kid with his "Peace" badge on. The
"Street-Fighting Men" of '68 who are now your boss.
The "Left" is the establishment. And you are part of the "Left". Go figure.

Give my views on London, it's culture and history, he asks.Show how my
politics connect with that.
Well, I watch EastEnders, if that counts. Never been the same since Lofty
left. He was an Anarcho-syndicalist in real life you know.
Patronising fuck.

Sorry if my frustration and impatience amuses you, but then I don't have the
luxury of a nice career and cosy life like you "Leftists" to go home to
after a hard-evening debating politics and culture over dinner. And if I
can't display my razor sharp wit as devastatingly as you Proffessor Louis
then I suppose I'll just have to learn my place in the pecking order, back
down with the rest of the rabble who were too "thick" to make it into Uni. I
imagine your students think you're such a hoot. All those fresh young minds
being educated to manage the system, educated by such a "revolutionary" -
oh, the irony makes you weep. The bosses of tommorrow. Makes your heart
swell, you taught them so well.

But of course, the great thing about Communism is that it puts the mob in
charge of you. And, be honest, that scares you to hell. Next time you get
mugged/burgled/assaulted (which I hope is soon, after all, you need to go
through the "experience" in order to fully understand that capitalism is a
"Bad Thing"), just remember that this is the person who you claim you want
all power to go to.
You see Marxism wasn't based on the concept of the
"Dictatorship Of The Moderately Wealthy Proffesional". It was based on
mob-rule, or the Dictatorship Of The Proletariat. And a dictatorship it will
be. Whose side will you be on? Won't be up to you though, will it. It'll be
up to those kids out in the street, setting fire to your house and nicking
your car and hacking off the head of P.C Blakelock and sticking it on a
pole. Remember that? That's my idea of London Culture. A long and noble
tradition of riots and insurrections. The IRA blowing up The City or the
"mob" trying to set fire to it. Either way, it make's more sense than
debating on how Ken is going to "control" it!
 I'll go back to my bunker now, finish polishing the Kalashnikov's


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