Tito archives destroyed by NATO bombs

Saul Thomas stthomas at SPAMmidway.uchicago.edu
Sat May 13 16:44:14 MDT 2000

I stubled across this while searching the web for archive resources.

Saul Thomas


Milovan Nedeljkov, 'Saveznicke snage unistile i arhive o Hrvatskoj',
Vecernji list, October 19, 1999.

BELGRADE - NATO bombers and cruise missiles have destroyed virtually all
archive materials possessed by FR Yugoslavia. It was as if bombs, missiles
and other projectiles were targeted to especially strike locations of
archive materials.

The military archive in the Defence Ministry building is virtually totally
destroyed, the Marshall Tito Archive Fund is destroyed, most documents in
regards to the National Liberation Battle during World War Two [One?] and
World War Two, as well as the Independent State of Croatia, are mainly
damaged! All laboratories and reading rooms are destroyed, while the Josip
Broz Tito Archive is completely destroyed. This was stated at the 34th
International Archive Conference in Budapest by Jovan Popovic, Director of
the Yugoslav Archive. That archive, which has more than 22 kilometres of
materials, was scattered in four different locations throughout Belgrade,
from which one was struck directly and a large part of the materials were
transformed into ash in the totally destroyed Federal Interior Ministry
building. More than half a million cases on co-operation with Interpol have
been burnt, while materials on security and citizenship have been destroyed

"The Yugoslav Diplomatic Archive transported its materials in the vicinity
of Belgrade where it was presumed it would be safe," said Popovic. "NATO
aircraft, however, hit exactly that position and totally destroyed the
entire archive."

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