Latin American Marxist writers

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Sun May 14 03:12:08 MDT 2000


I am back. Finally got on line again so I can reply to Nestor y Julio
about what you )pl.) said a while back about Latin American Marxists
being slighted by North Americans.  I strongly agree. I see two big factors.

Firstly, Americans (USA & English Canada), even educated types, as you
probably know very well, are a monolingual crowd generally.  They cannot
access Spanish and Portuguese texts.  That creates ignorance about their
very existence.

Secondly, there are many excellent texts written by Latin American
leftists that are simply never translated into English for reasons that
would seem obvious to those of us who have an introduction to Gramsci
(who pays for translation? Publication? Shipping? Etc.).  This is very
frustrating to those such as myself whose translation skills remain slow,
difficult, not too subtle, and without the cultural connotations.

Yes, it is a tall wall with two sides.

Most nortes who have the wherewithal to visit Argentina or Chile are not
likely to connect with the masses either physically or politically.
Similarly, those who make it up here from the Cone are not from the hoi
poloi nor would they care if they dropped a flying plop! on the masses.
The news organizations are on record as cutting back on their foreign
desks.  How do nortes get the story? So what do they get?

As for los nuevos conquistadors, Spanish capital has made significant
and increasing interventions in Chile, too, as you are probably already
aware, especially in utilities and communications but also in finance.
Chile is like a distant magic mirror to Spain, with their complementary
fascist dictators and Opus Deists. I am sure many of the Chilean elites
regard themselves proudly as junior partners in a long international
tradition in Christendom.

Sorry to hear about the people who got hurt in Argentina recently.
It seems a part of a growing world-wide resistance, though.

la lucha continua.
your interlocutor in the Pacific Northwest of America (the anarkids call
it "Cascadia"),
Chris Brady

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