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Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at
Sun May 14 10:54:46 MDT 2000


The basic idea that the imperialists are giving, Russell, is that
since Brazilians are unable to take proper care of the Amazonian
rainforest, it should be put under international control.  Of course,
this is the outspoken pretext. Other interests are at stake, not the
last of them the intention of the United States to destroy Brazil as
an eventual rallying point for Latin Americans, or at least South
Americans. Brazil shares Amazonian borders with the Guyanas (and
Suriname), Venezuela, Colombia, Perú, and Bolivia. Controlling the
Amazonia is, from the point of view of geopolitics, a way to control
Brazilian eventual expansion to the Caribbean.

It is not a matter of "subimperialisms" now. The recent moves of
Chávez -who is proposing direct pipe line connection between
Venezuela and Brazil- and the interest of the Brazilian military to
have a saying in the Colombian process (a saying that strongly
differs from the American one, because while Brazil is interested in
peace in Colombia, a huge part of the American military are
interested in a new, enlarged Viet Nam) are strong enough, IMHO, for
the USA to begin seriously thinking of an intervention (under cloak,
perhaps) in the Amazon Basin.

I hope we can have interesting interventions from our Brazilian list
members. This Amazonia issue is far from a minor one.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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