The Internet and breaking sectarian blockades

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun May 14 07:37:22 MDT 2000

In a truly remarkable turn of events, the current Militant
( has a lengthy reply to the critique Jose Perez
wrote here on the Elian Gonzalez affair, and it also mentions the Marxism
list specifically. Needless to say, his letter is butchered and quoted out
of context, but the fact that they were forced to reply indicates that the
Internet has the power to break down sectarian resistance to objective

Another case in point is the ISO/SWP mailing list
( that was set up to discuss a
crisis in the Cliffite movement. Apparently there is a minority in the
United States that rejects the Zinovievist model that was inherited from
Tony Cliff and thinks that there is a more effective way to participate in
the mass movement. If only such a list had been around in the late 1970s,
it is possible that the American SWP might have been preempted from its
sectarian suicidal course. Aah, probably not.

Louis Proyect
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