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Sat May 13 13:15:20 MDT 2000

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"Red Rebel" wrote:

>>(How much do you live on Louis, Mark? Or doesn't that make any

No, it doesn't make any difference at all. I hope that neither of them
bother following this irrelevant red-herring. I've been a rather poor "lumpy
prole" the entire time I've been on these lists, and could only be happy to
find out that other revolutionaries who share my bandwidth space have more
money; it takes money to promote, and build actions, which will lead us
towards revolution. Let us say we have seventeen millionaires calling
themselves Marxists on this list...isn't that a good thing? At that point we
will actually have people out there willing to fund our grotesquely
underfunded actions, without giving us even the strings attached that come
with union money.

To all those radicals with money: Thank you for managing to walk the tight
rope of accumulation and revolutionary thought. It is essential that we have
you around, for most of us, myself included, cannot stomach the process by
which we come up with enough money to do something a little more significant
than hanging another poster off of another street light.

The only test, is whether or not the stand with us when the people
themselves rise against the *structures* of wealth. Not this or that
individual. That is the test of the revolutionary.


But then, us lumpy proles needed the "experience" of
Blair (and now Livingstone for those lucky Londoners), in order for us to
understand that capitalism is a "Bad Thing".

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