Latin American Marxist writers

Sverdlov Trotsky sverdlov2100 at
Sun May 14 22:32:53 MDT 2000

You wrote:

> people, in resume, have been and were very solidary
> in our denounces against
> the militar dictatorship in Argentina. But when a
> group of argentinians,
> among which  I was, tried to explain in the
> newspapers, in the
> socialdemocrat and communist circles, among the good
> people, our hold to the
> argentinian claim and the war, the doors suddenly
> became closed.


What was exactly your position on the war?  I
understand that opposition to the war, the British
invasion or the defense of Argentina against Britain
was widely acceptable.  That was not so, I believe, in
Britain - for obvious reasons - but even there I found
a lot of support against British imperialism.


 It was
> imposible to penetrate the wall of incomprehension.
> We were object of their
> consideration under the condition that to be
> prosecuted, tortured, defeated,
> exiled by sadist generals with thick moustaches . In
> the moment that we
> stand up and confront with the real power our BTW
> generous hosts lost
> quickly their intresse. The attitude did not
> correspond with their
> imaginary, their "imago" about Latina America, a
> place where "a young little
> lama shepherd is playing his sad tunes on a quena
> forever".

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