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Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 13:35:19 -0400
From: Julio Pino <jpino at>
Subject: Communism and the Dreaded Third Secret of Fatima

Phew!It turns out the fall of Communism was predicted by La Mamasantisima
even before October, 1917.

Yes, but the *February* revolution had already rekindled old memories about the
French Revolution - and above all of the dechristianization of France, something
that was to be remembered at a time when the French 3rd. republic promoted
anti-clericalism actively, most throught the setting of a network of lay public
schools. As Portugal, at the same time, had a newly founded - and deeply
anti-clerical - liberal republic, the republican revolution in Russia sent the
reactionnary Portuguese church into a frenzy. But better it would be better if I
quoted a source:

"O Milagre de Fátima e o Triunfo do Liberalismo em Portugal" [The Fatima miracle
and the triumph of liberalism in Portugal], by Charles Reeve [pen-name of Jorge
Valadas], Malasartes, 8, 1992:

"During my teenage years, in the '60, the stories about Fatima were, above all,
a riot. According to what was told us by priests and deacons, a lady had come
down from the clouds to communicate three young shepards some divine will. Some
of the said will would be kept secret; some of it was disclosed. According to
what was made public, it was known that Russia would return to the Christian
fold...the encenation, as it is generally known, happened during may 1917.

Lost in the depths of a mediaeval Portugal, the 3 illiterate sheperds had never
heard about Russia, and, in such conditions, the deeply geopolitical character
of the message must have left them dumbfolded. But the message was not adressed
at them.

The violent founding of the Portuguese republic, in 1910, had sharpened class
antagonisms, and the faraway echoes of the revolutions in Russia made strife
harsher. For 6 years, the Portuguese bourgeoisie had nightmares. The Portuguese
army participation in the slaughter of WW1, the thousands of corpses buried in
the trench mud of East France hadn't had the desired effects. "National
solidarity" between rich and poor had no visible effect, and there were plenty
of political strikes and protests against shortages. The idea of the
social-revolution, propagated by anarchist currents, went foward. Before such
dangers, the bourgeoisie and landowners thought that a miracle would be most
welcome [...] Neverthless, one week after the messages, people in Lisbon and
Oporto pillaged warehouses. The mobilized army shot to kill - 40 deads were
counted, plus thousands of arrests. The National Workers' Union declared a
general strike. Six months later, a military dictatorship was set. In this
corner of Europe, a half century of authoritarian government would ensue.
Fernando Pessoal, the well-known poet of genius, was also a poor patriot who
dreaded anarchy, and, in one of his texts, he would justify the shootings , as
for him there was no other way for 'the rescue and renewal of the country' " 

trans. , Carlos Rebello

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