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Mon May 15 11:52:06 MDT 2000

   I thank you Carlos for putting the Fatima story in its proper historical
context.It reminded me of something James Joyce once said: "how is it
possible in the age of the airplane for people to still believe in the
Virgin Mary?" I can understand some people's longing for religious comfort,
but how could nearly one billion Catholics today accept this tale of
SORCERY? Truly, Trotsky was right when he called the Pope, "the head Roman
Julio Cesar

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>  Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 13:35:19 -0400
><jpino at>
>Subject: Communism and the Dreaded Third Secret of Fatima  Phew!It turns
>out the fall of Communism was predicted by La Mamasantisima
>even before October, 1917.
> Yes, but the *February* revolution had already rekindled old memories
>about the French Revolution - and above all of the dechristianization of
>France, something that was to be remembered at a time when the French 3rd.
>republic promoted anti-clericalism actively, most throught the setting of a
>network of lay public schools. As Portugal, at the same time, had a newly
>founded - and deeply anti-clerical - liberal republic, the republican
>revolution in Russia sent the reactionnary Portuguese church into a frenzy.

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