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Wasn't Elisabeth Farnsworth of McNeil/Lehrer once a NACLA person?

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Chris Brady:
> >I know some people on the Board of NACLA are reds.
> Yes, two of them I know quite well. One is Susan Lowes who used to head
> Monthly Review books until she began work here at Columbia Teachers College
> in the Institute for Learning Technologies. The other is Jack Hammond, who
> has written books on education in El Salvador in the liberated zones of the
> 1980s and on the Portuguese revolution of the 1970s. During the late 80s
> Jack was a frequent guest at Tecnica meetings and had considered becoming a
> volunteer himself even though he finally made his own connections in
> Nicaragua like so many other people.
> When NACLA published an article by Mario Murillo last year that falsely
> accused the FARC of murdering Indians (it was, according to the a Church
> group, paramilitaries in FARC uniforms), I wrote a complaint to NACLA and
> cc'd Jack and Susan, who did not bother to respond. When I ran into her
> once in the cafeteria, she said that NACLA's problem was that it was too
> academic. I replied that being academic does not explain writing slanders.
> She grimaced and walked away as fast as her feet could carry her.
> I had a long talk with Mark Cook (not to be confused with the horrid Mark
> Cooper of the Nation), who was an investigative journalist in Nicaragua
> during the 1980s, and a very good one. He now writes for Covert Action
> Quarterly. I broached the subject of writing a piece on NACLA but he never
> got back to me. I guess they were reluctant to take this head-on. I
> wouldn't myself, because I view NACLA's politics a real problem in the face
> of the potential Vietnamization of Colombia. Mark cited Judith Butler, who
> used to be the editor of NACLA, and who lived on the Atlantic Coast
> Nicaragua in the 1980s. Apparently she claims that there was something
> sinister about the rightwing change at NACLA, but Mark was not able to give
> me any specifics. In any case, as Sam said yesterday, it is good that we
> have the Internet in the face of corporate and governmental subversion of
> the Nation, Pacifica and NACLA. Nobody would ever consider co-opting me. I
> am too obnoxiously leftwing and personally cranky to approach.
> Louis Proyect
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