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Tue May 16 12:18:47 MDT 2000

Michael Perelman wrote:
>Wasn't Elisabeth Farnsworth of McNeil/Lehrer once a NACLA person?

This reminds me of a point that Mark Cook made. He said that Mario's radio
show on WBAI, the local Pacifica station, is extremely mainstream--like
NPR. For somebody trying to break into the mainstream--like NPR or PBS (the
McNeil/Lehrer station), Pacifica (and NACLA) serves as a kind of
internship. The only problem is that if you lose track of Pacifica's real
mission and only think about your ultimate career goals, you will be doing
a disservice to the left. There have been some really big names who have
started off at Pacifica, including the wretched Jeff Greenfield of WABC news.

(Hey, Michael. btw. I picked up "The Invention of Capitalism" at lunch
today and will scan in a bit about peasants and church holidays this
evening. I forgot how great your book is. My instructions to all listers:
Buy Michael Perelman's "The Invention of Capitalism: Classical Political
Economy and the Secret History of Primitive Accumulation" and Patrick
Bond's new book if you want to stay on my good side. Need I say more?)

Louis Proyect

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