London Assembly elections

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Tue May 16 15:24:54 MDT 2000

Colin quoted: < But if you want to play those sort of games if you add the
UKIP's vote (34,054) to the BNP then the Far Right get 81,724 compared to the
Left's 48,252. >   Can one actually call the UK Independence Party 'far right'?
As far as I know, the UKIP has some dodgy right-wing characters in it, but is it
not more a constitutional conservative party, based primarily around an
anti-Europe Union ticket?   One interesting aspect of the British National Party
vote is the pockets of high support. What are the particular local conditions in
Tiptree and Fulledge (Burnley) that resulted in such a high vote for the
fascists there?   Paul F  

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