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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #405
                                May 17, 2000
                           Australia's radical weekly
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


Both the ALP and Coalition are evading calls by East Timorese leaders that
the Timor Gap Treaty, signed in 1989 between the Australian and Indonesian
governments, be renegotiated to enable East Timor to benefit from its own
oil and gas reserves.


 * Scrap the Timor Gap Treaty


 * Rebels in the unions: A unionism that won't buckle
 * Rollercoaster at stockmarket.com
 * What are shares really for?


 * WORLD BANK: a wolf in sheep's clothing
 * MOZAMBIQUE: WB destroys cashew industry
 * UNITED STATES: `Fair trade' or international solidarity?
 * UNITED STATES: An ugly coalition
 * ZIMBABWE: Why Britain fears Mugabe's land gamble
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Millions strike over job losses
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Misdirected strategy weakens workers' movement
 * PHILIPPINES: Army must withdraw from Mindanao
 * Special fund appeal for a special issue
 * BRITAIN: Labour cracks down on asylum seekers
 * LEBANON: Israel bombs again as deadline nears
 * PALESTINE: Teachers resume strike
 * WEST TIMOR: Militia terror continues
 * BOUGAINVILLE: PNG frustrates independence referendum
 * UNITED STATES: March for immigrant amnesty
 * UNITED STATES: Nike cuts support to universities
 * SRI LANKA: Government in crisis as Tamils advance
 * PUERTO RICO: US Navy clears protesters from Vieques
 * INDONESIA: Union leader tours Australia
 * EAST TIMOR: Old CDs needed for East Timor


 * Shiftworkers to gain on penalty rates
 * Canberra fiddles with more than the accounts
 * Domestic violence program debated
 * Everything you need to know to dob in a dole bludger
 * Australia stalls anti-pollutants treaty
 * Child-care expansion not an option
 * Networker: Looking for love


 * Song for Reconciliation
 * Lucas Heights reactor shutdown: mum's the word
 * Tax office workers strike
 * Students occupy UQ Senate chambers
 * Workers rally against Telstra fat cats
 * Police attack Beverley blockade
 * Security guards attack picketers
 * Murdoch students fight course cuts
 * Let off for minister over Yanner affair
 * Activist forced off union body
 * `Vote with your feet' on May 28
 * Newcastle protests treatment of refugees
 * Action updates
 * Students tell Nike: `Just stop it'
 * Bondi protests Olympics impact
 * Student action forces VC onto back foot


 * Short Story: Budget initiative
 * Rod Quantock: Serial satirist captured
 * Peter Hicks: Songs of protest, humour, justice and love
 * Peter Hicks' tour dates
 * Democratic Socialist Party's web site praised
 * Cartoon: From Out of Leftfield


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