The new U.S. movement--and China

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Wed May 17 21:24:41 MDT 2000

On 17 May 00, at 18:42, ÁÎ×Ó¹â Henry C.K.Liu    ¹ù¤l¥ú wrote:

> Bello is a voice of reason from the Asian perspective.
> US attitude on China is based on two phobias:  fear of communism and fear of
> non-white Asians.
> China, Cuba and North Korea are the only three communist countries left in
> the world.  China is particularly worrisome for the US because it has 20% of

Lists are dangerous, and in the heat and urgency of a discussion,
sometimes anybody can miss an item.

BUT why is Vietnam left off this list of socialist countries?


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