The Ronald Biggs of the rainforest.

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Thu May 18 09:51:34 MDT 2000

Nestor: in fact, rubber-tree seedlings were smuggled from Brazil by the
British and used to organize plantations in Malaysia, therefore driving
Brazil from the international rubber market, except during WW2, when
Malaysia fell under Japanese control. But then the disclosure of this
trade secrete was only a matter of time, given the fact that the
Amazonian section of the early XXth century oligarchy that ruled Brazil
had made no efforts whatsoever to move ahead of slave-labour and
extractivism. Therefore the necessity to keep the present Brazilian
public research network in new varieties of animals and vegeteables
public - that is, state-owned - and, in order to spread quickly the new
technologies thus attained, to continue rejecting patenting of seeds,
vegetable and animal varieties  - at least as long the WTO begins to
pressure Brazil real hard  to accept such things lest she will suffer
somekind of economic boycott. Of course, developments in this area will
very much depend on what kind of government we shall have in Brazil in
the medium and long  run - for, as concerns the short run, we are as
good as dead.

Carlos Rebello

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