Hearsay from the Washington Times

Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at SPAMsinectis.com.ar
Thu May 18 11:31:10 MDT 2000

Is not Washington times property of reverend Moon?

Julio FB

> Friends,
> The question of the day, succinctly put, is this: If five pictures in
Granma of Elian in his school uniform at Wye allow us to conclude communist
'indoctrination', what, then, do 500+ hours of video footage---of Elian in
Disney t-shirts, of Elian in gold chains, of Elian playing DVD video games,
of Elian wearing new tennis shoes, etc.---reveal? Wake up and smell the
coffee, America. You have nothing to lose but your self-imposed chains...
> Daniel
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Elian's communist 'indoctrination' begins at Wye
> By Tom Carter
> New photographs of Elian Gonzalez, in the uniform of Cuba's communist
youth Pioneers, taken at Wye Plantation in Maryland in the care of U.S.
government chaperones, were cited by Miami exiles yesterday as "further
proof" that he is being brainwashed there by "communist propaganda."
> For the full story, go to:
> http://www.washingtontimes.com/world/default-2000518224120.htm
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